6 Real Ways To Easily Make Money On Pinterest

how to make money on Pinterest

There are many ways to make money on Pinterest.

By capitalizing on the massive traffic driven from the platform, you can diversify your money streams.

Let’s go through six of the easiest ways to do so.

1. Email Marketing

how to do email marketing right

Pinterest drives traffic, and what’s the best way to utilize that traffic?

Lead capture of course.

Lead capture is a means to an end: email marketing.

And as you probably know, email marketing is the most profitable online marketing endeavor.

So much so that for every dollar spent by an online marketer, email marketing brings an average return of $38, or 3800% return!

So one of the best ways to utilize traffic to your blog is to funnel it to your email marketing campaigns.

Once prospects hit your email list you can welcome, nurture them through a series of educational emails, and ultimately promote useful products to them.

Then through the use of an email marketing service like Getresponse and Mailjet, you can automate communication with your email subscribers.

This automation happens by enabling you to create messages that are preset and loaded once to go to your subscribers at predetermined times and intervals while you are sleeping!

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To effectively capture prospects into your email marketing funnel, you will want to be ready for them when they hit your blog.

In that regard, one of the favourite ways of capturing emails is through the use of pop up technology.

Through this way, an email capture box will pop up after a given time that the prospect has taken on your blog.

The pop up will offer a benefit (ebook, course, cheatsheet, etc) in return for the visitor’s email address.

Some of the best pop up technology companies include Thrive Themes and Optinmonster.

Once the prospect gives you their email, you can then build a lasting relationship that you can ultimately monetize through promotion of relevant products.

So promote those pins that promote your freebie, and start capturing those emails!

2. Adsense and Mediavine

How to make money through Adsense on Pinterest

You can make money through the traffic to your blog by applying to online advertizing networks.

These networks will place adverts on your site in return for paying you a sum of money.

For example, the Google Adsense program will pay you per 1000 impressions on your blog.

This is because Adsense places adverts on your site as a middleman on behalf on other reputable companies.

And most likely some of your blog visitors will click through the adverts and end up buying from the advertizing companies.

The easiest way to start earning money through this method is applying to Adsense.

This is because Adsense does not have a minimum traffic threshold in order to place adverts on your site.

In that way, Adsense is good even for new blogs that have barely any traffic at all.

By writing a few blog posts and promoting them on Pinterest, you can drive a decent amount of traffic to your blog.

You can then cash on this traffic through Adsense.

But how do you drive the traffic from Pinterest?

A lot of people use scheduling apps like Tailwind to drive traffic on Pinterest.

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Through the scheduling method, you can drive traffic to your blog by presetting your pins to be promoted to people on Pinterest.

The great thing is that this promotional method is a set and forget thing, with the pins going out on predetermined days and times, through Tailwind.

Try Tailwind here and promote 100 pins free on Pinterest. Through this free Tailwind version you will also for good have access to Tailwind tribes, a highly valued traffic source.

Once you have reached a certain threshold of traffic, you can switch from Adsense to Mediavine.

This is because Mediavine pays much better than Adsense.

Also, Mediavine requires a given minimum traffic threshold whereas Adsense does not.

If your blog is already driving a significant amount of traffic, you can apply to Mediavine directly without waiting to use Adsense first.

3. Affiliate Marketing

how to make money on pinterest through affiliate marketing

If you have a blog but have not yet joined any affiliate companies, you better start.

This is because you can make good money through promoting other people’s products on your blog, through email marketing, and through Pinterest.

So what companies can you be an affiliate of?

The answer is it depends on your niche.

For example,  If you are in the health and fitness niche, you can promote weight loss products like pdf ebooks, vegan recipes, body building equipment, etc.

However there are certain kinds of products that cut across niches.

What are those?

Products like hosting, themes, keyword research tools, email marketing services, lead capture services, and traffic tools.

Here is an example of an affiliate program offer by Bluehost.

how to start affiliate marketing

These products are needed in any niche online.

So you can enroll with different companies that sell those products, and become their affiliate.

Most companies will accept you.

Do note however that a lot of companies these days require you to have a blog in order to promote their products.

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Once you have your affiliate links, you can create pins especially for the links, and promote those pins on Pinterest.

Studies indicate that a lot of Pinterest users are ready to buy directly from the platform. So what better place to place your affiliate offers?

Note: Before creating your affiliate pins, read the individual affiliate company policies.

Just to ensure that the companies allow you to promote their products directly on Pinterest.

This is very important as you may find yourself in the cold if you do not comply with affiliate guidelines and policies.

4. Sponsorships

Once you have found a sizeable audience you can approach certain companies to advertize on your profile.

Your services may include: creating pins for the company and advertizing for them on your website, featuring the company’s brand pin on one of your boards, or collaborating with the company on a group board.

This will of course be in return for a fee.

The fee will generally depend on how big of an audience or influence you have.

Before approaching any company, just make sure that your audience is targeted to their products and that you have impressive follower or engagement statistics that you can show to the company.

5. Be a virtual assistant

how to make money on pinterest as a virtual assistant

A lot of business people are very busy. As such they do not have time for small or routine tasks.

Those small tasks include managing their social media profiles, including Pinterest.

This is where you come in.

So with your rich wealth on Pinterest, you can make easy money doing what you love doing.

Managing a client’s Pinterest account includes optimizing their profile,  creating and scheduling pins, and promoting those pins.

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And with a tool like Tailwind, you can easily schedule and promote your client’s pins for a month ahead by investing less than 2 hours of your time for that month.

6. Create paid products

how to make money on Pinterest

Once you have mastered your art and know the ins and outs of Pinterest marketing, you can even offer a paid product.

Those products can take the form of an ebook or course.

Besides building up your authority as an expert, a paid product is a nice way to make passive income.

Pinterest experts like Melyssa Griffin, and Alex and Lauren of avucadu.com make money offering paid Pinterest courses.

My own Pinterest course is free and will teach you how to blaze from rookie to Pinterest star and money maker in just 7 steps!

Who knows, in the future I might offer it as a paid product!

Besides creating paid products, you can also do Pinterest consulting.

This will offer you an opportunity to get paid per consultation session.

Wrap Up

Pinterest is not only a good traffic source. It’s also a great site to make money.

Virtual assistance jobs, email marketing, Adsense and Mediavine, coaching and consulting, and affiliate marketing are just a few of the many ideas to tap into.

How do you make money on Pinterest?

Let’s talk below.

how to make money on pinterest


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